Small Groups

Spring small GROUPS are kicking off the week of February 6.

We believe real life change happens in the context of authentic relationships, which is why we are a church made up of groups. Life is meant to be lived in circles, not in rows!

Check out all the group options and sign up below!

MEN's group:


God did not create men to be nice boys. He created us to live a life of passion, freedom and adventure. To be dangerous men living in a really big story. Men of all ages are invited to meet at Dean's house each week for a video lesson and discussion.



The missing ingredient in most marriages isn't love, it's grace. Love inclines us to get married, but we need grace to keep that love healthy, strong and committed. More than simply "nice," grace is that game-changing ingredient that enables us to treat each other the way God treats us—even when we don't deserve it. This video and discussion based group will meet at Sam and Alex's home and is designed for those who are married, dating or in long-term committed relationships.

Euchre + Friends

Isaac 2

Euchre, Friends, Laughs. Can there be a better Tuesday night? Don’t know the rules? Don’t worry, we will teach you! The group is for young adults (18-24 only) and will meet at the Watts' house on Tuesday nights.

Co-ed bible study:
Get Out of Your Head + Be still


Throughout the course of this semester, the group will dive into two studies with the aim to help build healthy spiitual habits, learn how to take every thought captive, and develop a regular rhythm and deeper daily relationship with God. This group will be meeting at Carol's house and will participate in a video-based Bible study with group discussions each week.

Co-Ed Bible Study:
Discerning the Voice of God


Discover the root to clear and daily communication with God—humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life. The group will meet each week at the church for a video lesson and discussion.

co-ed bible study:
end times


The End of The World. When is it? How will you know? How can you be prepared? There will be small group discussion with guided passages and videos as we look at all of the 150 chapters in the Bible discussing end times. This group is open to everyone, but the content will be presented to engage high school and college-age students through discussion and debate. Participants are expected to read the assigned chapters each week to enable meaningful and informed discussion. Snacks and a notebook provided.

Teen Girls Group:
bible study


Teenage girls will study and discuss scriptures that will help them grow in their relationships with God and others, We'll also explore what the Bible says about how God sees us, gaining confidence in who they are created to be. This group is structured for girls age 12+.
Girls will participate in a group discussion and Bible Study. There will also be games, fun and snacks too!

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